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Forex Trading course A to Z – Module 3

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We have collected all of our experience and knowledge gathered for 20+ years and created this forex trading course for you. Strategy based on real experience.

Our Forex Trading course A to Z

We have collected all of our experience and knowledge gathered for 20+ years and created this forex trading course for you.
Our strategy is based on real trading experience. You can see our live trading results here: MyFX

Forex Trading Course - AimUp Trading

If you want to learn trading then learn from the best!
In this forex trading course you will learn the most important things related to forex trading.
The whole course is divided by 3 modules and that is the first one where we will cover some basic concepts however, after completing this course you will be able to start trading (practice).
The rest modules of this course will scale up what you have already learned here and allow you to achieve better trading results.

If you are not familiar with mt4 or mt5 then please head to our free courses where we cover most important things to know about the two trading platforms.
Learn MetaTrader 4 for Forex Trading
Learn MetaTrader 5 for Forex Trading

More videos will be added in future to this course.
After purchase you will be granted a life time access! There is no need to look for a ways to download the videos from this course. They will always be available to you!
We will be adding new videos with live trading so you can see exactly how we apply our strategy.
After purchasing the course you will also receive a very special indicator to apply to your trading platform which our programming team developed for you according to our trading strategy.
The indicator will let you know about important news and so much more!

Our complete course will give you the knowledge to reach our trading results which are way more than 80% as promised by many other trading courses.
Please keep in mind that knowing how to swim does not mean you can swim… You need to practice till you master the swimming. It is exactly the same thing in trading. If you learn some things you should not jump to the deep and deposit money to your trading account before you master what you have learned.

However, there is no problem to open a demo account at our partner and trade there till you get satisfied with the achieved results.
IC Markets – Trusted AimUp Trading Partner

Forex trading course - AIMUp Trading

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  • 4 Weeks
  • 21/12/2020 17:13
Course Curriculum


10 Lessons / 0 Quizes
Introduction to Module 3 5m
Details in scalping 4m
Ways to enter a trade on a lower timeframe 4m
Another way for opening positions when scalping 4m
Waiting for confirmation 4m
Fast reaction when scalping 3m
Subtleties in the scalp trading 3m
We add an additional indicator 3m
Confirmation and live trading 2m
When and how to collect our profit 2m
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