Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We offer a wide range of high quality unique video courses and trading indicators.


We are a group of professional traders who have a single goal. To teach people how to reach success in trading.

AimUp Trading aims to provide superior learning for its students in the field of trading education. Our courses are easy, effective, practical and supervised by experienced professional traders from the industry.

Our objective is to provide trading education to its retail investors and traders to get the maximum advantage of financial markets. AimUp Trading will help the students develop the skills and discipline needed to trade professionally.

AimUp Trading was founded to elevate your trading success with real education from qualified traders, with a personal touch. Our expert traders are helping traders maximize their returns and meet their investment goals. Whether you have never traded or consider yourself an expert. Our programs are carefully designed to help you grow your skill set in your favorite asset class, while allowing you to easily branch into new and lucrative classes. Each trading coach at AimUp Trading Academy has a track record of success and offers a proven approach.

We offer a wide range of training courses in a range of subjects and can offer learning opportunities to best meet your needs.

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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We offer a wide range of high quality unique video courses and trading indicators.


In our trading courses, you will learn from many instructors not only about strategies and methodology but also about trader psychology, risk management, physical and mental health needed to be successful in the long-run. Besides the books and training materials, during the courses, you will have to constantly read professional and technical literature. Check out shop for books and other materials. Some of them are distributed free of charge to our members.

Trading is a rewarding profession, but it can challenge your willpower. Sustaining long-term profitability, handling high levels of stress daily, and coping with competition is a difficult task. AimUp Trading courses focus on the fundamentals of trading such as the questioning of choices, the inefficiencies still hidden in the markets and the deep imbalance of supply and demand to build flexible traders with long-term perspectives.

Through the countless hours trading, educating and monitoring trader behavior, the insights provided by the AimUp Trading are extremely comprehensive and unique. Having successfully educated tens of thousands of traders to the very highest level our experienced educators know how best to give each individual trader the tools and knowledge to hone their trading skills. We do not engage in prediction, nor provide trading “tips”. We are strong advocates of trading from the charts based on the information that is presented to us through the movements of price. All events, knowledge and information is reflected in price movements which should be observed and traded accordingly. Trying to predict what US presidents say or do and the consequential impact of same on the markets, or what a price will be in the future, we believe is tantamount to glorified gambling or folly. The trajectory of a market determined by every piece of available information reflected in the price, coupled with sound risk management and capital preservation techniques are more prudent and sustainable methodology to give the best possible opportunity for an individual trader to be successful. This is borne out through the countless happy traders our educators have had the pleasure to teach.

Here at AimUp Trading we believe in continuous improvement through the provision of live interactive mentoring education in an affordable manner. By being at the cutting edge of the latest trading developments and interactions with our students, this ensures this innovation benefits our own financial trading activity. Our traders successes benefit us in every conceivable fashion and we are extremely passionate about our world-class trading education.

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Metatrader 4 course

Meta Trader 4 is a professional and secure trading platform for international financial markets.

It provides access to all major currency pairs, CFDs on indices, oil and petroleum products. Read more…

Metatrader 5 course

Meta Trader 5 is the newest and latest trading platform from MetaTrader. It is professional and secure trading platform for international financial markets. Mt5 includes all functionalities and options of previews platform versions with some improvements. Read more…

Forex Trading course A to Z

If you want to learn trading then learn from the best! In this course you will learn the most important things related to forex trading.

The whole course is divided by 3 parts and that is the first one where we will cover some basic concepts however, after completing this course you will be able to start trading (practice). Read more…

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Perfect course. Exactly what I was looking for!
John, UNSS
I did not expect to be so good course. They cover tons of things. Learned so much new things. I love AIMUP team!
William, SU

I was delaying this course for months and I consider that as a huge mistake.  Thank you guys :)

Theresa, Advanced Trader

I love how simple the courses are made. They are short and well explained. There was a few details that wasn’t clear to me at first but AimUp support team have provided exceptional assistance. Appreciated!

Jeremy, Daytrader