Aimup Trading presents a new direction in virtual educational tutorials. The forex classes offered at Aimup Trading provide all that is needed for anyone to learn how to trade from the very basics to advanced trading techniques. The program is geared towards both beginners and experienced traders who want to learn Forex trading or extend and improve their current trading knowledge. Each course, offered on a number of levels in a vibrant and stimulating manner, encompass several interconnected lessons, each one accompanied by video materials, recommendations for further study, trading simulations and more.

In this way, students can learn to trade in an entirely individualized way. Whenever you have time and as much as you want. The video materials in each course are available at your disposal lifetime.

  • Learn trading easy – We try to explain every detail.

  • Proven techniques – We use popular trading techniques.

  • New videos – We add new videos to courses with live trading.

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Trading Strategies

If you are simply searching for working strategies and you are experienced enough to work them out without the need of holding your hand while trading then you are at the right place. We have developed our own strategies as well as improving already existing strategies for each and every trading market: forex market, binary options, stocks etc.

We will soon or later find the time to create courses for each one of them but till then you can take a look at our SHOP PAGE and pick the essentials. Within each trading strategy you will find a PDF file that includes the full information about the strategy we present as well as lots of images with taken trades so you can start using it right away.

  • Strategies Development – we develop our own trading strategies.

  • Trading Strategies Improvement – We test and improve other’s strategies.

  • Tested and proven strategies – We provide working trading strategies.

We will make sure to explain well all aspects about the trading strategy: signals, enter a position, risk management, take profit etc. However, if at any moment you feel like you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Available Strategies

Trading Software

During our path to success we found that without any kind of software automation for our trading strategies we can’t do much. We are just a humans who cant stay up all day and all night to wait for the best circumstances to get in place and take a trade. We needed to automate our trading by creating trading Robots (EA) and create our very own indicators to supply our needs and we know how important is to have a quality developers to create your very own trading monster.

We would like to offer you the services of our MQL dev team at your disposal. We can build any kind of trading software as soon as your requirements meet the programming language limits (because mql4 & mql5 have some limitations). We can do anything you want for the both trading platforms MetaTrader4 and Metatrader5.

  • What you need – Send us short description so can chose questionnaire.

  • When you need it – Let us know about the deadlines.

  • Software Delivery – Fast delivery might need extra testing.

Please send us an email requesting MQL dev support and we will send back our predefined questionnaire to help you get your milestones on place in order for us to be able to provide a detailed offer and realistic deadlines. We do understand that the time is essential.

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Personal Couching

We provide a personal couching service. What does that mean? We know that some times people can get lost even if they have the best trading strategies they simply can’t get them work due to lack of proper mind set (trading psychology) or some technical issues.

We offer you a personal couching and support where you will be able to talk to one of our master traders and get an advice related to your issues. To do that we first need to know where you fail to accomplish successful trades. We will require a full and detailed explanation as well as screenshots of your trading and/or technical difficulties you experience. Then we will help you determinate where you fail. In few sessions we will point out your mistakes and try to help you get to the right mind set in order to become successful trader.

  • Communication – we will need to exchange a few emails.

  • Support – we will provide you with solution.

  • Problems resolved – Our solution will resolve your losses.

Some of our courses and strategies already include personal couching but you can get that future separately as well.

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Education that matter

We provide a live changing education courses.

Over 25+ years of total trading experience have been gathered at AimUp Trading.

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