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Here are our real trading results!

Real trading results with real money done by real people.

  • Gain: +238.36%
  • Trades taken: 2400
  • Long positions WON: (340/341) 99% success.
  • Short positions WON: (2050/2059) 99% success.
  • Lost 10 out of 2400 taken trades, which represents almost 0% loss.
  • Pips won: 14821.2
  • Profit factor: 415.82

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We strive to provide the best trading strategies and teach you how to use them. We are here to support and assist you until you learn what it is to be the best!

  • Trading SkillsAimUp Trading allows you to invest in yourself and build a career.

  • Appropriate toolsProviding you with the appropriate tools at your disposal in order to become a consistently independent profitable trader.
  • Your lifestyleTrading alongside us is a venture, which may be carried out full time or part-time depending on your lifestyle and schedule.


To deliver world class trading education in a fair, ethical and transparent fashion. Empowering retail traders and investors to create sustainable income and wealth from the financial markets.

Our vision is to be the most respected and leading global financial education company. We are not hiding our personal results behind demo accounts and fake photos. Its all visible and accessible.

We are devoted to help and protect our students from learning things the hard way. That is our main goal. To teach you what we learned by being down and by starting every time from zero to the top. We will be here to push you up and get you running.

Student Focus, Excellence, Ethics, Integrity & Innovation are the core values that drive everything we do. We are always open to hear what our students think, want and desire.

We make no promises. We will do our best to keep you safe by providing all kind of help but the gun is in your hands (mouse). Please be patient and wise before shoot. Take your time to master what you have learned. Its almost the same as learning riding a bicycle. It takes time and practice.

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Perfect course. Exactly what I was looking for!
John, UNSS
I did not expect to be so good course. They cover tons of things. Learned so much new things. I love AIMUP team!
William, SU

I was delaying this course for months and I consider that as a huge mistake.  Thank you guys :)

Theresa, Advanced Trader

I love how simple the courses are made. They are short and well explained. There was a few details that wasn’t clear to me at first but AimUp support team have provided exceptional assistance. Appreciated!

Jeremy, Daytrader
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