This scheme is applicable only to the following conditions:

  • If the student/participant for any reason is not satisfied with paid Training Course/Seminar/Workshop at the end of day 1 and he/she decides to quit the Course/Seminar/Workshop at the end of day 1. In such a case, the student/participant is expected to hand over all the material/notes that he received or made during the Course/Seminar/Workshop before leaving the premises of the venue where the Course/Seminar/Workshop is conducted.
  • It is applicable only for the offline/physical paid Training Course/Seminar/Workshop for the duration of more than one day. It is not applicable to the programs/ Seminar/Workshop for the duration of one day or less. It is also not applicable to any online course/webinar
  • Only valid for the first (1st) Training Course/Seminar/Workshop/Webinar attended by the student/participant. It won’t be valid for any subsequent Training Course/Seminar/Workshop/Webinar enrolled/attended by the student/participant.
  • A small registration fee of $20.00 (or as may be decided from time to time) will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded. This is to cover some of the costs and expenses incurred by the company.

The refund shall be made within 15 days through credit into the student’s bank accounts as per the details specified by them or through the same channel which was used as the mode of payment.